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'Clouded Leopard'

My wall for the street art festival 'SuperWalls - Biennale Street Art' in Padova, Italy

My mural is the celebration of the fact that the Clouded Leopard (leopardo nebuloso) has been seen in the wild again, after 20 years of 'being extinct'. This animal is widely hunted and there are less than 10.000 of them left. Half a year ago it was spotted in Thailand, which is a very hopeful message. I depicted the leopard with Turkey Tail mushrooms on its body, because these mushrooms appear on dying objects in nature, like a fallen tree. The mushrooms consume the rotting wood. In this case the leopard re-appeared, even though the mushrooms were already starting to 'process' him. It's an image of hope, the hope that people will start having more respect for vulnerable animals and animals in general.

Thank you to my intern Elwin Plaisier for helping me, for the good vibes and happy dances.

Size: Approx. 6 x 12 meters

Location: Ali Supermercati, Via Chiesanuova, Italy

June 2021

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