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'Lamento en la Selva' for STRAAT museum Amsterdam

Size  9 x 5 meters

April 2023

STRAAT gave me the opportunity to create a piece of art in their epic street art museum. Say no more! I had been wanting to paint a tiger since forever. I made this 'cry for help' for endangered species, like the okapi, tiger, and the ramsay snake. The birds in the painting are the guardian angels of these animals. The kinkajou is just there because I liked him :)


A massive 'THANK YOU' to STRAAT for the great experience, and to @droos86 for inviting me to paint in this epic gallery. It is very special to me to be a part of this collection of street artists all in one place.

You can see it up close for yourself in STRAAT in Amsterdam!

Photos below by Memory Lane Films

Video below by STRAAT museum

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