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'Pegasus' for Astrant Ede in Ede, the Netherlands

Mural on the 'Van Eekelenflat'

Size approx. 11 x 33 meters

May 2022

My first 12-story high mural is a fact! I painted this pegasus for the people of Ede, the Netherlands, as a memorial for the 2000 British paratroopers that landed in this area in September 1944. They came to aid the Dutch army in the second world war. As I always paint animals, I tried to find a way to translate this historical moment into a fitting design. When I learned that the soldiers had been wearing a little emblem of a Pegasus on their arm, I knew what to do. For me it symbolizes hope, something that the people on the ground must have felt when they saw the soldiers coming down from the skies.

Thank you to Astrant Ede for selecting me for this job, to Xander for helping me out, and for hosting me together with the lovely Rinske .

You guys rock!

The Montana Black spraycans were sponsored by Rolling Vinyl store , thanks so much Nikolaas!

Thanks a lot to SMOK from Antwerp, Belgium, for assisting me and for all the good times.

He helped me to feel comfortable at the highest parts of the wall, great guy!

This mural was made possible by Astrant Ede, de provincie Gelderland, Woonstede, Prins Schilderwerken, Boels, and of course Rolling Vinyl store.

Location: Van Eekelenflat, Ede. Nieuwe Maanderbuurtweg 1270, on the left side of the building.

Picture by Gustavo Leal

Below you can see a video that was also made by Gustavo Leal.


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