'Charlois Jungle' in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Mural on the corner of Voornsestraat and Zuidhoek, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Size approx. 10 x 7 meters

August  2020

It was an amazing experience, painting this mural for the people of Rotterdam Charlois. A huge thank you to Ronald and Marjolein, the two sweethearts on the balcony. They wanted to give a big boost to their neighbourhood, and really pulled some strings to make this mural possible. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, persistence, and good care! And of course for letting me paint your house. 
Fun fact: this mural is right in front of the sphynx cat mural I made! Go check out both these murals at the corner of Voornsestraat and Zuidhoek, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands 🥰.
In this video down below you can also see both murals. 

Video by Gustavo Leal

Alle foto's © Martine Kiers, behalve foto 1: © Marjolein de Vries

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