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This vintage bag got a second life as an ode to the monstera deliciosa plant. The bag is made of smooth leather and closes safely with a clasp. There are two extra closing points for extra security.

It's vintage and real leather. I've made it with flexible paint and protected it afterwards with leather protector. The painting was 'absorbed' by the leather, so you don't have to be afraid that it will scratch or fade. 

The bag measures 20 cm (width) X 18 cm (height without the straps). It's in a great vintage condition! The leather is of a good quality, and has a lot of character. It's like carrying a painting around, which also serves to keep your belongings safe. 

It's a unique piece, since it's not only a vintage bag, but also a hand-painted item!

Hand-painted Monstera Bag

  • Vintage leather bag, painted with waterproof paint. One of a kind.

    width 26 cm x height 23 cm 

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